December 12, 2008

A Trip Back Home

In November, my family and I went to California to see Amma. We had a lot of fun. I only got two hugs because I got sick with a cold on Thanksgiving and there were so many new people that we only got one hug. But when I got better and Amma had to leave, we had one free day and we went to Lafayette. We ate at an Indian place and then went to a little store. We had so much fun and I took a lot of pictures of autumn because we don’t have seasons except summer.

California Sky

Yellow Leaves


Autumn Beauty


Yesterday was fun. It was raining and that is rare where we live. Now that Annabel and I are home schooling, we have fun things like photo shoots in the rain. Annabel did it first while I read 100 pages of Ender’s Game. Anyway, when I finished that, I went outside with the umbrella and mom and I had some fun.


My umbrella and me.