June 25, 2010

Remembering Michael

Exactly one year ago today, Michael Jackson was here and a second later he was gone. And now that he is gone, billions of people, including me, are now realizing how amazing he really was.

I admire him for his genius, intelligence and talent. For his integrity, perseverance and will. But I mostly admire Michael for his heart. For the love he had for his family, children, fans and for the world. Michael donated millions of dollars to charity. His second world tour, The Dangerous Tour, raised about $125 million. All of the profits were donated to various charities.

But Michael's reputation was destroyed over the years. Reasons? Tabloids, lies, jealous and greedy people. But look at the picture above. That's the kind of person Michael was. But this Michael wasn't known as well as the Michael seen in the magazines and looked at in a different way than I see him. There were in fact, many things, good things, that Michael did but the press didn't cover. He visited children's hospitals. He brought toys and music, games, puzzles, and he'd stay for hours. Michael was extremely busy, but these children mattered to him. Many were dying.

Then came the charges. They were all lies. Everyone who bothers to research the truth now knows this.

And if you watch something like Michael Jackson's "This is It," you'll see the real side of Michael. And as Kenny Ortega said, Michael Jackson was like an angel walking the planet.

So today is a day of remembering Michael and all of the good he did for the world. Join me, or not. But I'll always love him.

We will always miss you and love you Michael. May God bless you forever, for he truly knows your heart.

June 23, 2010

corner view "noticing"

I've been noticing the little things God gives us every day that we don't notice.

Like, how many blessings I have. That I'm able to walk and talk and see and hear. And how there's too many blessings and not enough appreciation in this world.


For more things people are noticing, visit Jane for more corner views around the world.


Well, here we are in the second hottest place in America. The first hottest, is where I live. After being in chilly California, Florida's a relief. We're visiting my uncle and aunt. Uncle Peter's my dad's older brother. He lives in Florida but his house is like a meet freezer. He must like air conditioning. We're going to see them later. Here's three things about my uncle.

- He has a golf cart in his garage and all of the kids get to drive it around the neighborhood. He said I'm ready for the car but Annabel and Shawn are speed demons. 

- He's hilarious. He spent hours yesterday asking us questions about different things like what does din mean? It means a loud, unpleasant, and prolonged noise. He also asked what was the symbol for America. I got that one. A bald eagle. He also let us watch a hilarious show called Wipeout. A whole bunch of people have to run obstacle courses while having paint and shaving cream flung at them. There's water below and there were some pretty hilarious falls.

- He's eight years older then my Dad so there were some funny family stories to share.

Sorry I've taken so long to blog but traveling's busy!

Talk to you guys later!

June 2, 2010

California, Here I Am!

We just landed in California about two hours ago! We're meeting Dad tomorrow at Amma's and I miss him SO much! Mom said that she's never traveling without him again! He's such a huge help!

So I guess you should say that my summer trip's officially started!

Happy summer, everyone!

June 1, 2010

Katie's Photo Contest

Here are my three photos!
I don't know exactly when the pictures were taken, but they were pretty recent! Thanks Katie for having the contest!