October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Nanu Nanu! :D

Annabel is Piper, a character from the book, The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan. 
Shawn is also a character from that book. He's Leo. :)

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

October 26, 2010

corner view "pondering"

I have to say, Annabel's the ponderer in the family...always daydreaming.

Of course, I like to daydream too. Who doesn't really? It's like a little escape to another world.

For more pondering corner views, go to my mom, Theresa's Blog.

October 20, 2010

corner view "holiday"

I loved going to L.A.

 But, I have to say my favorite holiday was going to Europe. :) 

October 16, 2010

My Grandpa

My grandpa is quite a character. I only have grandparents on my mom's side, but they're the best ones anyone could wish for. Grandpa loves history and he seems to know everything about it. Every time we go to a lake or a building Grandpa has something to say about it.

This summer when my cousins and my family were visiting my grandparents house, Grandpa asked all the kids to come outside. Grandpa made a beautiful rock path with hand-picked rocks a couple years ago and he's very proud of it. He shows it to us every year. "Come kids! I wanna show you how rocks can be very pretty when they're wet!"
So the kids tramped outside. Grandpa started telling us about how the green rocks are very rare.

He just loves the attention we give him when he tells us all about Grandpa things. Same with the history of lakes and buildings and certain museums. He really does seem to know a lot. And he really does know how to pick out rocks!

October 15, 2010


It's always been a cool holiday. You get to dress up in things your parents would totally never let you wear in real life (like rainbow suspenders) and go out and beg for candy! How fun can that be? Usually, being a health conscious family, we don't get to eat the candy. WAHH! We have to trade it in for healthy candy. :(

And our family isn't into the whole vampire, ghost thing. So, we're always really different things for Halloween. One year, when I was six, I was Cathy Rigby. Then I was Paul McCartney. And I was Robin Williams when I was ten. Last year, I was Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series. My sister begged me. She was obsessed with that series. She was Percy and my little brother was Grover, the satyr. :) That was funny.

This year, I shall be Mork. I have the pants and I ordered rainbow suspenders and I'm going to get about six different colored shirts and sew them together to make a shirt like this one: 

I'll need to work on my sewing... and cutting... and bribing. It takes some skill to bribe my mom to go into town. :)


October 12, 2010

corner view "green"

My mom is the type of mom that gets an idea in her head and sticks with it. Not only does she stick with it, she drags the whole family along too. Composting, for instance is one of these examples and is not one of our favorite chores.

Recently, Annabel and I took the job of doing the laundry every day. But we don't just wash it and put it in the dryer, like everyone else, we have to wash it, go out, hang it, let it dry, fluff it in the dryer, fold it and put it away. Maybe some of you folks in Europe do that and all of your friends and neighbors do that, but where I live, no one does that. They just pop it in the washer and then the dryer and call it a day.

 Pictures from Google
We also have to do the compost. YUCK! Pardon if I'm offending any compost fans out there, but it's gross. You put rotting food and rotting grass together and it creates food for plants. Thank goodness it isn't food for people - though it started that way, now didn't it?

But one thing I really don't mind, is recycling. We have to separate all of our paper and cardboard here, but in some places, there's no sorting involved. Over a period of months, not sorting saves you lots of time, ladies and gentlemen.

Upon further reflection, the laundry and recycling isn't all that bad. Especially if you're listening to music or if you have someone to talk to. And you're helping the earth at the same time! (It's the compost no one likes.) But, I guess I'll get used to it. :)    Looks like he did...!