September 28, 2010

corner view "the incredible, the mysterious, mustache"

When I think of mustaches, I automatically think of my Uncle Peter. He's had a mustache for as long as I can remember. He's my Dad's older brother. 
Whenever we would go over to visit, he would always tell us to feel his mustache and then he would wiggle it and tickle our fingers.
He also loves golf and always lets us drive his golf cart. Last time I saw him in his home, I was really little. So, of course, he had to help me drive the golf cart. However, this summer, I got to steer all by myself, but he had to man the brakes for "safety reasons." He also swore I was ready for the car. :)

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September 25, 2010

Saturday, Saturday

Monday, I sprained my ankle. Humph. I've been limping around, looking pretty pathetic and feeling quite sorry for myself. But there are some things that have been cheering me up and making me remember that life's great...
I got to go out today. I saw a movie with Annabel and Shawn. We saw Alpha and Omega in 3D. Oooooooooh!
I imported some of my new Michael Jackson albums. They had some new songs and I've been listening to them 24/7.
I am recording my fourth album. This time, under different circumstances. I'm the recording engineer this time. It surely isn't the most entertaining job for me, but, I am a computer nerd, so then again...
I'm also doing the graphics for my album. Oh Photoshop, one of my greatest friends!
And I've been watching lots of Robin Williams. Jack, Bicentennial Man, Mrs. Doubtfire, and don't forget, Mork and Mindy!
Smile! It's what life is for.

September 21, 2010

corner view "humor"

This topic is just perfect for right now! Because right now, I'm really into Robin Williams; someone who can ALWAYS make me laugh! So, I put together a little video montage of some of my favorite Robin Williams moments. I tried to keep it clean so he only swears a couple of times. Cuz, well, you know Robin... :P
This video starts with Robin's interview with Johnny Carson about his soon-to-be-released movie, Good Morning, Vietnam.

September 14, 2010

corner view "seven"

Seven is considered a lucky number. It's also my Dad's favorite number because of his hero, Mickey Mantle. There's a store called 7 Eleven but I've never set foot in there because my parents wont let me.

Seven of my favorite things right now...(Annabel's Idea)
Michael Jackson
Robin Williams / Mork and Mindy
Computers / Nerd Stuff
Two different colored Socks

Seven of my least favorite things right now...
Running out of Hard Drive space.
Walking up and down the stairs for NO reason. It's extremely boring and tiring.
Yelling at people (unless it's your little brother of course!)
Getting sick on the weekends (Especially if you were REALLY looking forward to something like... GOING TO YOUR FRIEND'S HOUSE!)
Getting dressed up in a SKIRT and a GIRLY shirt by your little sister who just does it for pure pleasure!

Oh I could go on...

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September 10, 2010

Missing Annabel

Annabel's over at a sleepover. Even though she's only been gone for about an hour, I miss her already! We usually play together on the weekends. We laugh a lot. Sometimes we watch movies together. I want her to have fun, but I can't wait till she comes home!

Miss Ya!
Your Big Sis,
Sky <3

September 9, 2010

One of My New CD Covers

I was thinking the first picture was going to be the cover and the second picture was going to be the back. 
What do you guys think?

September 7, 2010

corner view "school"

First things first, I wouldn't have such a great school if it weren't for my parents and my awesome teacher, Miss Yvonne. I'm home-schooled with my sister Annabel.  This means, we can experiment with different types of learning.

Miss Yvonne is a new kind of teacher. On the first day of school, she made a list of the differences between my sister Annabel and I and our similarities too. So, she really got a feel of who we are. We go to a math website called IXL. Every time you get 100%, you get a virtual medal and the longer you practice, the more prizes you get. It's really fun! It goes up to eighth grade but high school is coming soon so for now, I'm just reviewing. So that's new, math is FUN!

We also do vocabulary. We look through some books that we're reading (it can be magazines or whatever) and find some words we don't know. We look them up and then teach them to each other. Then, every time we use the word in a sentence, we get a point. At the end of every two weeks, we have a test and get little stones and things for prizes. :) So fun!

Even though we don't have seasons where I live, I can always imagine the back-to-school thing. When I grow up, bundling my children in their scarves and hats and mittens, packing their lunches and watching them walk to school, waving goodbye to me. As they walk away, a gentle wind blows, rustling trees, forcing the little red-orange leaves to say farewell and fly off on a new adventure. (I don't know if this is really going to happen, I might home school my kids, I was just trying to be all mature and 'wisdomatic' and stuff.) :)

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September 5, 2010

Busy Weekend (Even Though it Just Started)

Yesterday was a busy Saturday. First, the family went to the beach. The we drove home and hightailed it to town because of an orthodontist appointment. Then we got lunch.

When we got home, Mom thought it would be a good idea to clean out my closet. So we spent two hours doing that. Oh joy. Then Mom and Dad went for dinner, I babysat. Eggs for dinner, I cleaned the kitchen while Shwn and Annabel watched Pokemon on YouTube. I cleaned the kitchen by myself because it's simply, the babysitter's job. Once again, Oh Joy. But then, when Mom and Dad came home, I was watching a Disney show. Mom thought it was pretty funny so I showed some of my favorite show, iCarly. So that ended the night with a happy note. :) Good ol' iCarly!

How was your weekend?

P.S. I'm excited for Corner View to start up again! :)