November 30, 2009

Saving Our World

I was driving through town with my camera the other day and I saw many things. Some made me feel happy. The sky and the mountains, the trees and the vast open fields, those things made me smile.

Then, I turned and saw all of the pollution.
I saw plastic bags caught in the trees and garbage lying on the side of the road. I saw smokestacks carrying smog into the beautiful blue sky, poisoning the clouds. I see the ocean. Where I live, it's clean and clear. When I saw garbage in the ocean for the first time, it broke my heart.

This, can turn to... 


And this.

When you think oh, it's just one factory, it turns from this...

 To this...
We will never again be able to breath the fresh air or look at the blue sky God has created for us.
We'll never see this beautiful sight again.

When you decide to throw a wrapper onto the ground, think before you do. You may decide that it's only one person, only one wrapper. But if everyone thought like that, the Earth would be filled with endless waste and garbage. Everywhere you look there would be plastic.

Maybe we can't stop throwing things away, but we can help. If we reduce the waste we throw away, we can recycle. My family, a family of five, has gone from three cans of garbage a week to one can of garbage a week. If we all just take the extra time of recycling, we help the earth so much. Just be mindful. Don't buy things with lots of plastic. And if you do, recycle them. Find out what you can do to help your community.

Over time, the world is beginning to cooperate. We've made laws like, no more plastic bags. Biodegradable cups, utensils and napkins are becoming more popular in stores. My family uses cloth napkins and rags. This way we save garbage and money. Little by little, we can all save the world by cleaning up the mess.

And slowly, it will turn from this,

Back to this.

The Magic of Clay

I've always loved clay. I love the feeling of it when it's on your fingers. I love everything about it except what it tastes like. It all started a while ago when I was about seven. I made a clay guitar for my dad as a gift. It was his 12 string. Then, I made him a piano and when he lost his metal Buddah, I made him a clay one.




Then, I started making his songs.
For instance, one of his songs was called "Sailing."
So, I made what the title reminded me of.


Big Sun

My parents saw that I loved sculpting so in fifth grade, so they signed me up for a pottery class.



Then, sadly, the pottery place closed down. So my dad's friend Dario, an amazing Italian painter, bought me some modeling clay for practice. It never gets hard and you can't cook it but it's great for practice. Here's some things I made recently:


November 22, 2009

When I'm the mother...

Sorry I haven't written in a while, my mom's been away in California to see Amma, an Indian saint. She'll be home tomorrow. I miss her so much! Life's so different without my mom around.

I have to do all the housework. The dishes, the laundry and I have to put Shawn and Annabel to bed.

I get lonely. I don't get my mom to put me to bed and to talk to me before I go to sleep. We usually laugh and have a great time or sometimes, I need to talk to her when I need help or I'm feeling sad.

And, I really realize how much work my mom does for my brother and sister and me. I did her work for three days and I'm exhausted. She does that work every day. And she doesn't complain much. And if I wrote my mom a letter right now, this is what I'd say:

Thanks mom, for all you do for me. Thanks for keeping me safe, thanks for always making me feel better when I'm sad or in pain, thanks for doing the laundry and the work around the house, thanks for helping me come into the world.

I know that I owe so much to you and I'll always love and appreciate what you do for me and everyone else.

And mom, I really miss you and can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Love forever,

November 12, 2009

corner view "my favorite dish"

I'm not sure I have a favorite dish. But I do love pretty much anything with olives. I adore olives! Ever since I tasted them when I was two, I've loved olives and pickles. I'm weird enough without my strange diet. Black olives, green olives, I think it's the sourness. I also like raspberries.

 They sit there,
 But when no one is looking...

SHH! Don't tell dad! I've only had fourteen.
But wait, he'll see this blog, and then he'll know.
Oh well, it's worth it. :)

November 5, 2009

More Music

If you don't know, I'm on my dad's website because he's a musician too! You can hear all of my music and read all of my novelas under "Skylar" on the left-hand side. Here's the link: My Dad's Website

My New Friend

Today, I went to regular school. (I go every week on Thursday). The first day I went, I recognized an old friend I knew in kindergarten and we became fast friends. Her name is Juel. Today, she came over to my house and we had a lot of fun. I helped her make her own blog because she's an absolutely INCREDIBLE artist and she's only 13!!!
Here's some of her art

Isn't Juel amazing!?

Here's her blog: Juel's Blog

November 4, 2009

corner view "contrast"

 The most elemental contrast I remember from the earliest age is the contrast of night and day.

The blazing, pink, sun

To the silvery moon

The brightness of morning

The stillness of evening 

 Nature's awake in the day, and looking so alive

In night, nature sleeps, waiting for morning to arrive

Day time's for fun

Night is for dreaming

In the night the water is still

While in the day, it's busy and moving

The day is for finding, walking, and going forward

Night is the time to stand still and remember

November 3, 2009


About a week ago, I made pizza. It didn't turn out so good because I had to use rice cheese, I put too much sauce, and well, I'm not a official pizza maker. But, it was fun anyway.





I need more experience and some real cheese but it's a start.

 After all, I like cheese.

 For the dough makes 1 ten inch Pizza
1 1/4 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoons oil
2/3 cup milk

Don't use too much sauce. 
If you don't want to risk it, don't use any sauce 
and it still tastes really good!

For the toppings:
2/3 cup cheese grated
3 tomatoes thinly sliced
mixed dried herbs

sliced mushrooms
corn (canned or frozen)

Cook for 15-20 min at 400* F