December 31, 2009

The Holidays

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in like 15 days but my internet's been broken. :(

Anyway, I love Christmastime, the joy in the air, the feeling of giving. My mom is really into decorating this year so we're filling the house with a Christmas-like feeling!

We live in a smaller place than I realized. We ran out of Christmas trees real early this year so we bought an artificial one. We'll save money every year and we'll save a tree too!

The artificial ones are starting to look so real.


Loving the different settings on my camera! :)

December 15, 2009

corner view "books"

I love books, they can bring so many different feelings. Joy, sorrow, suspension, excitement, there are so many things you can say about books. Annabel is probably the biggest reader in the family, she loves a good story.

  She's always in her room, at her desk or on her bed, exploring adventure, magic, and fantasy.

December 9, 2009


It almost never rains where I live and so rainbows are pretty rare.  But there was a really warm rainy day and there were rainbows all that week.
A rainy day can start out like this... 
And end up like this...

Teacher, Gum and a Dog.

Sometimes, when Shawn's school has random days off, my mom teaches some first grade students at our house. And it gets VERY loud. So, to focus better, Annabel and I go to my teacher's house to study. It's fun. Sometimes we get mint gum at the end because she has a stash of it in her car and last time she had a puppy there she was babysitting!  His name is Sora.

 Ain't he cute? :)

corner view "evening"


Evening's the time where the day's kind of winding down,
dinner time, family time, time to finish up the old day and get on to the new one.

How Sweet is Shawny?

In Shawn's school, when the children do something good, they get fake money. There's a school store where the kids can pick out prizes. One day, when Shawn had been saving up for a really cool racing track, he went into the school store with more than twenty "dollars." He saw a white rabbit and knows I love stuffed animals. He came home with something behind his back and said, "Sky, close your eyes and put out your hands, I have a surprise for you!"

I did as I was told and something quite big was placed into my arms. I opened my eyes and before me was a white bunny with a green ribbon around it's neck. I gave Shawn a big hug and told him thank you. How sweet is Shawny?

But then I noticed that it had a battery slot so I put in new batteries in and we all had a really good laugh...

I hope it'll give you all a good laugh too! :)

December 7, 2009

Tom Hanks

Over the weekend, I saw Big for the second time. Then I saw Sleepless in Seattle. Then I saw You've Got M@il. Now I love Meg Ryan too. I really want to see Forrest Gump, but it's PG-13 so I might have to see it with my mom and dad. Oh well, here are some facts:

Tom was born on July 9th 1956.

Tom Hanks has done 70 movies and/or TV shows!

In 1980, he was placed in the TV show, Bosom Buddies.

He was 24 in his first film. It was He Knows Your Alone and he played a small role. (I've not seen that. I think it's a horror film).

His first major film was Splash at 28 years old. It was about a mermaid. It's funny! I'm going to see it soon! And when he did Big, he became an ultra mega star and got an Oscar nomination!! He was about 32 then.

Then he did Forrest Gump at 38 and became really really really famous.

He kinda reminds me of my dad. I think they'd be great friends. :)

December 2, 2009

corner view "corners of your home"


Love surrounds my home, making it cozy and warm.
Warm because of the good vibe,
and warm because we live on an island that's 90 degrees in December.
Both of those reasons. :)

November 30, 2009

Saving Our World

I was driving through town with my camera the other day and I saw many things. Some made me feel happy. The sky and the mountains, the trees and the vast open fields, those things made me smile.

Then, I turned and saw all of the pollution.
I saw plastic bags caught in the trees and garbage lying on the side of the road. I saw smokestacks carrying smog into the beautiful blue sky, poisoning the clouds. I see the ocean. Where I live, it's clean and clear. When I saw garbage in the ocean for the first time, it broke my heart.

This, can turn to... 


And this.

When you think oh, it's just one factory, it turns from this...

 To this...
We will never again be able to breath the fresh air or look at the blue sky God has created for us.
We'll never see this beautiful sight again.

When you decide to throw a wrapper onto the ground, think before you do. You may decide that it's only one person, only one wrapper. But if everyone thought like that, the Earth would be filled with endless waste and garbage. Everywhere you look there would be plastic.

Maybe we can't stop throwing things away, but we can help. If we reduce the waste we throw away, we can recycle. My family, a family of five, has gone from three cans of garbage a week to one can of garbage a week. If we all just take the extra time of recycling, we help the earth so much. Just be mindful. Don't buy things with lots of plastic. And if you do, recycle them. Find out what you can do to help your community.

Over time, the world is beginning to cooperate. We've made laws like, no more plastic bags. Biodegradable cups, utensils and napkins are becoming more popular in stores. My family uses cloth napkins and rags. This way we save garbage and money. Little by little, we can all save the world by cleaning up the mess.

And slowly, it will turn from this,

Back to this.

The Magic of Clay

I've always loved clay. I love the feeling of it when it's on your fingers. I love everything about it except what it tastes like. It all started a while ago when I was about seven. I made a clay guitar for my dad as a gift. It was his 12 string. Then, I made him a piano and when he lost his metal Buddah, I made him a clay one.




Then, I started making his songs.
For instance, one of his songs was called "Sailing."
So, I made what the title reminded me of.


Big Sun

My parents saw that I loved sculpting so in fifth grade, so they signed me up for a pottery class.



Then, sadly, the pottery place closed down. So my dad's friend Dario, an amazing Italian painter, bought me some modeling clay for practice. It never gets hard and you can't cook it but it's great for practice. Here's some things I made recently: