October 28, 2009

corner view "water"

When you live on an island, you are surrounded by water. There are so many types:

Water on the window

 Water that's friends with the moon

Trickling water

Rainy water

 Stormy water

 Ocean water

Flowing water

And water so beautiful, it just makes you feel so happy to be alive

October 21, 2009

corner view "my dream"

I guess for a 13-year-old, I have a lot of dreams. But my biggest ones right now are:

To become a grandmaster black belt in Taekwondo

 To become a professional musician

To be the best sister, daughter and friend I can be

And for everyone in the world to be happy and at peace.

Apple Pie

I made apple pie on Saturday. I made three mini ones. One for my brother and sister, and one for me. My parents went out to dinner so I made them a tiny one for them to share with the leftover ingredients. I made up what to put in the pie but I didn't make up the crust. All of the recipes I could find had sugar so I made up my own!

Sugarless Apple Pie Recipe: (Makes 2 single 9 inch pie or three 6 inch pies or 1 two-crust 9 inch).
  • For the crust: 
2 cups sifted flower        
3/4 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup shortening (if you don't have shortening use half butter, half sunflower oil)
4 to 6 tablespoons of cold water.

 Sift flower and salt and cut in shortening with 2 knives or pastry blender. Add water using only a small portion at a time, until mixture will hold together. Roll out dough as thin as possible and put into pan.
  • For the apples: Mix 7-8 apples, peeled in a large bowl. Add cinnamon (it depends on how cinnamony you like it) then add a dash of nut meg, agave nectar and a bit of maple syrup. Mix well. Add about 1/3 cup apple juice. Before baking, oil pan with sunflower oil and add 2 cups of apple juice mixed with 1 1/2 cup of cornstarch. This will give it a jelly-like filling! Yum!
  • Add apples into crust. Then fill pie with apple juice/cornstarch mixture. Put in oven.
  • Bake at 450* F. for 15 minutes. Then decrease to 350* F. for 45 minutes.  If you like cold pie, keep in refrigerator for 3-4 hours.
  • Enjoy! Optional: Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. If you want a sugar rush, add both!




October 14, 2009

corner view "love"

In the wonderful world we live in,
there are many different types of love.
But the one I'm thinking of today...

The flowers...

The feeling of the pureness in nature...
there's love behind every creation.
Every flower, every being, every star, every day.

Nothing's been created like it before.
We should all take advantage of every second of life,
every breath we take,
and try to enjoy every moment.

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October 13, 2009

The World Around Us

Today, I was bored and the day before yesterday, I was really in the mood to take pictures, but the battery in my camera died. People, that's life. So today, I decided to take pictures before my teacher came for school.

I went outside and took some photos of the gloomy, gray sky which had ben so blue the day before. I was sad I couldn't take any pictures of the clouds so I went into my backyard and found a little frog in our pool. I got inspired. I mean if you see an adorable frog and you have a camera, what do you do? Duh, you take pictures.

The frogs are this big

They like to jump

And it's really hard to take a picture of them while they jump

They love to swim in our pool even though they can't swim that well

I think he was posing for the camera in this one

And in this one too...

Sometimes there are lizards...

And flowers...

And birds...

And just at the right time, you can catch the sun behind our house

Or you can catch it while it's pink in the beautiful, blue sky


On Saturday, Annabel, Shawn and I went to Taekwondo testing. Annabel and Shawn were testing for their orange belts and I was testing for purple. We all got our new belt colors and we're so happy about it! We have the nicest teachers and testing is so much fun but it's a lot of work. It usually takes three to four hours!




Mr. Donald (He loves chocolate)

Mrs. Donald (She's technically a master)

Shawn getting his high orange belt

Annabel getting her high orange belt

Me getting my purple belt

Shawn breaking his board

Annabel slammin' her board

Me trying to break mine (It was a tough one)

My Purple belt! :)

Orange Belt

On Saturday September 26th I got my orange belt in Taekwondo! It's the third highest in rank! It was pretty hard. I had to do many forms and punches and kicks. And hardest of all, I had to break two wooden boards with my feet!