February 27, 2009

Latest Music Update

I am now on my dad's website. It has my CDs and books! You can read my books for free and listen to all of my CDs with lyrics. And, I'm on I-Tunes. Plus, I'm going to make a music video with a man named Kahu who is in charge of Gamekids. And.... I'm finishing my 3rd CD!

You can check it out if you go to this link: http://www.garymarksmusic.com/

Plus check out my dad's stuff too!

Home schooling

As pretty much none of you people know, Annabel and I are now home schooling. We both love it and are very happy. Four times a week, our teacher, Miss Elaine, comes and works with Annabel and me separately for an hour. Then, we do something together like a science project, or French, or an art project.

But, we don't get it too easy because we have a lot of homework and we have to work hard by doing posters and math and French.

But over all, we have the greatest teacher, a neat new way to learn and a cool and different opportunity in life.

Miss Elaine