September 23, 2009

Europe Entree 6/13/09

As you know, we went to Paris this summer. It was one of the most amazing experiences any of us have ever had. (Except the part where a French guy sold us rotten raspberries because we didn't speak French). Anyway, we did cool things every day.

One day we went to the Musee D'orsay. Another, we went to the Eiffel Tower and well, I'll put my journal entrees on so you can read exactly what happened. I'll write a little each day.


Yesterday we got off the plane and walked into Paris! Everything was in French which was weird to us. In Paris time it was 10:45 but only Shawn and Annabel got sleep so at dinner, I was exhausted. I slept 12 hours that night.

Today, June 13th (Juin Treize) we are going to a little neighborhood called Le Marias.

We went to Le Marias and got falafels. The best in the world. They were so yummy. We walked by a lot of souvenir shops. (We'll but some later).

Also in our apartment, we have a great view of the Eiffel Tower!

September 15, 2009


Alizee is one of my best friends in the world. She was my teacher's daughter in 4th and 5th grade. We became fast friends but then she moved away to Quebec, Canada where she was born. She's French Canadian and Alizee means "tradewind" so I wrote a song for her on my newest CD. The song is called Tradewind.

Miss ya Alizee!

My Best Buddy

September 14, 2009


As anyone can guess, Shawn likes to be the best. So in made-up games, he likes to be the oldest. In this particular game, he was a basketball star called Shawn Tristan. And Annabel and I are plain ol' collage girls.

Now, usually, we don't like games like this but they come in handy when Shawn's in a bad mood and we need to cheer him up.

On this day, we'd gone to a garden on the grounds of a temple. There was a basketball net and Shawn was in a bad mood. Mom also wanted some pictures of Shawn. So, of course, she left it to me. I told him, I wanted a picture of him in front of the tractor wheel so I could show everyone how big it was. It worked. Then, I took a picture of him in front of a giant sunflower. Then I took a whole bunch of basketball shots and pretended I was a photographer for Shawn Tristan wanting pictures of him for the newspaper.

That got his attention.

After that, I took some photos of Annabel. They turned out adorable.

Then, we pretended to do a commercial about helmet safety for children because everyone listens to Shawn Tristan.

Channel A Billion News

At my thirteenth birthday party in California, I did some really funny videos with the neighbor kids and my friends, Noah and Gabriel. Have a laugh. Noah was the news reporter and Gabriel is the security guard and the one being choked by the mouse. How lovely.

It was all improv!

My Cousins

I have three cousins Emma and Elijah and Henry. Emma is 6, Elijah is 4 and Henry is 1, almost 2.

I played with Henry this summer a lot. I babysat, helped him ride a scooter and played with a baseball bat trying to hit the American flag that hung over my grandparent's garage.

Also, Emma and I made a fairy house by the tree in my grandparent's backyard and taught me the word precarious. How does a six-year-old know that??

Elijah and I saved the maiden in distress and played tiger and dinosaur.

We had so much fun and we played all sorts of games, croquet, Mother May I? Tickle monster at the park, save the Princess, (Elijah was the prince and Emma was the princess).

The Fairy House




Henry and I on the scooter

The Trouble of Putting on a Wetsuit

Today, I tried to put on my wetsuit to go swimming. Believe me, it's hard to put these things on. The place where you put your head and the sleeves look the same. Dumb things. Anyway, I was peacefully putting it on, when my head got stuck. Wow, I thought. I don't remember my head being so big.

Then comes the embarrassing part. I look in the mirror and see blue. I just had to take a picture.

Believe me, people, everyone makes mistakes. But, few people take a picture and put it on their blog for the world to see.

I'm a genius

September 11, 2009


In the summer, we stayed in a beautiful house in Orinda, California. We all had our own room and we made friends with the neighbors.

One morning, I saw a bunch of quails running about the yard. I was feeling a bit lazy but I dragged myself out there and got some cool shots. (Though I had to crop them on iPhoto).

Aren't they adorable?

September 10, 2009

Picture Reflections

Over the summer, I taught myself how to take pictures of myself in the mirror. It was hard to get it without the flash.

First Day of Real School

Now, I am homeschooling, but, there's this one day a week program. Today's my first day. I go on Thursdays and Annabel and Shawn go on Tuesdays. There was a meet last Friday with a lunch. All of the grades were siting at their own table. I sat with my mom and met some really nice girls. We swapped e-mails. I sent them my blog so they might read this. :)

Anyway, I'm pretty nervous but I think it'll be really fun.

Wish me luck!!

September 9, 2009

Knick Knacks

In my room, I think I have way too many knick knacks. But, it's really hard for me to let them go because each of them holds a special memory. I also love legos and I'm not sure if that's really a knick knack. I think it more like a special toy.

Eiffel Tower

Loot Island


Knicks and Knacks

Clay things I've made

More clay things I've made

A toy from Venice. A "woggle"

My bunnies


My Favorite Books

I used to despise reading. But then, I read Ender's Game. Then, over the summer, I restarted Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I reread the Percy series over and over and now we own the whole series. And, the coolest thing of all, the movie's coming out February 11, 2010!!!!!
Oh joy!

Ender's Game

The Percy Series


Lavender is my stuffed animal I got recently. I bought her in a thrift shop in California. She's a purple sheep and smells like lavender. So, that's where she got her name.

Today, on the trampoline, I took pictures. Then I moved her onto the grass. I took a whole bunch. Call me weird, but they turned out pretty good. Plus, she holds perfectly still!

Flower Me


Sittin' Acting Cute


Purple Face