August 17, 2010

Chambers is COMING!

Our acting coach, Chambers Stevens is coming!!! We are all so excited. We're looking at places with big stages like school auditoriums and stuff to work at and we're finding kids to be part of the programs. Chambers is really funny. He has a little boy named Twain and Twain likes the Beatles. We went to work with Chambers in LA twice this summer. We did skits and commercials and scenes. There were other kids there too, but the three Marks' were the youngest. Chambers really likes to have interesting and unique conversations at lunchtime. He's really funny.  :D

He's a really good director and he's GREAT with kids. I can't wait until he gets here!!!


 Tom Hanks

When Chambers was a little younger, I think he kinda looked like Tom Hanks. Don't you think? Just a random thought. :)

School Day and Computers

Today's our first day of school. We have a new teacher. She's really nice. She had kinda new methods so we're going to have some fun. I get to blog more, and do more music, and online math. Anyway I think it'll be fun!

On the other hand, my computer's kinda broken. I ran out of space on my hard drive. So, I ordered a new one! YAY! It should come any day. When it comes, I'll put all of the stuff I don't need on my computer on the hard drive. And when I plug it in to the computer, I'll be able to access all of it!

Sorry if this post was boring. :) I couldn't find a picture. Oh well, I'll do one that's more interesting. ;)

August 1, 2010


My little cousin Henry is the youngest of the cousins. He's two. Last year when I saw him, he didn't talk at all. The only thing he said was bahhhhh! Like a sheep. This year he's begun talking. He told me to come out in the garden with him. His dad has a big garden with lots of greens to eat. I showed Henry the arugula and the kale. He did this thing a couple of weeks ago where he likes to feed me things, so he was feeding me the vegetables. I swear, he's got to be the cutest baby on the planet!