April 30, 2009

Shots of a Sheer Artist (I wish I was one)

Just today, I got my very own camera lens. It's just like my mom's and has 18 to 135 mm zoom! I got all sorts of cool shots just tonight! I got some of my dad playing guitar and some of a gecko on our window and some of the sky. Here's some of the photos:



April 22, 2009

CD #3 Photo Shoot

I don't know what kind of person invented the CD. But, it was a great idea. Every time I make one, my mom does a photo shoot with me. Now sometimes, when I'm in the mood, I like photo shoots. But I wasn't in the mood this time especially because I had to put my hair down. We did all sorts of pictures but my favorites were on the trampoline. That was when my mood started to improve. Mom shot them at the end. I doubt I'm gonna use them for the CD, but they're pretty cool.

On a trampoline you can capture high jumps and hilarious stunts. I can creep out my dad by becoming "Pretzel Girl" and twisting into crazy shapes. I have to admit I was a bit more flexible with splits when I was younger. But now I can't go all the way down. Just almost. However, I can become "Pretzel Girl!"

Pretzel Girl

Ta Da!

I see the world upside down!


April 17, 2009

Water Park Hotel

We went to a hotel with our friends and went on water slides and a water playground. We figured out that when you pull the ropes, water falls on your head. We had a blast going on the slides and eating hamburgers and mini doughnuts. (I love sugar!)

We also figured out that our friend Barbara (an old musician friend of my dad's) her husband, and her seven-year old daughter, know how to pick hotels!

Barbara's girl and Shawn had very similar personalities. They were also born on the same day, April 25. They fought sometimes but mostly just wore each other out and had a lot of fun.


Tag! You're it!

Swing MEEE!


Water Sky

Beach Night

One night on a Friday, my family and I went down to the beach after dinner. We had such a great time and the kids had races, we played with an old log, and took lots of pictures!

Seaweed Girl

Surfin' in the USA! Nah nah!


Sunset and Me

I win!

Music Video :)

I did my first music video recently. We met a man named Kahu who runs Gamekids, a professional kids performance group, and he said he would love to do a video. So I called a friend and Annabel and together we made a not-quite finished video! We still need to work on it but it was a lot of fun. First we put up a green screen behind the piano. This is used so we can change the background. Then I sat down at the piano and played on camera. I was very nervous because I'd never been behind a camera before. Plus I had to wear a pink dress (girl city! Yech!) and my hair down. I hate my hair down - it gets fluffy and itchy.

Then we headed downstairs to do a sleepover scene with my friend and Annabel. We had a lot of fun and we got to play with stuffed animals.

And after that we went to a grassy area by my house and we did some running around and spinning and piggyback rides. I never thought making a music video could be so much fun!

"Sleepover" Time!

Spin around and see how long you can stay up without falling down!
"I'm nervous! Please can I wear a ponytail, jean shorts and a t-shirt?"

Transformation from a music room (Dad's office) to a video set

Not Quite but Almost a Bookworm

Annabel got into Harry Potter for a while. She read all of the time in her room. She got to book four. Then she got convinced to stop because they were getting scary. Now she's into a new book series. I, on the other hand have one good book and I get totally into it. Then, I stop for a while. I was into Ender in Exile for a while. (The new sequel to Ender's Game.) But then the book ended and I have nothing to read. I don't like scary books or mystery. I like comedy and sometimes adventure. Annabel likes adventure and mystery and magic. I like pretty much none of the above. I don't dislike series, but I don't prefer them. Annabel loves series.

Have any ideas?

My little "Bookworm"

April 16, 2009

Camera Joy

Mom got a brand new camera because her old one doesn't work that well and we're going to Europe this summer. Where we live we see a lot of tourists. Now it's our turn! Mom's camera is awesome. It has a really good zoom and all this new equipment. I, on the other hand, get Mom's old camera. It broke even more and it wouldn't even take a picture. It was pretty much useless. But, we figured we didn't need to spend $ 5,000,000,000,000,000 on repair like most mechanics, we just had to get a new lens. (Here's where my negotiating skills come in.) Since we were gonna get a new lens and it wouldn't cost that much more money, Mom and Dad agreed to get me a zoom lens like my mom's! And plus, zooming is my favorite part of taking pictures. So it's gonna come in the mail soon and I'll have some great pictures of the Eiffel Tower and Venice!


Annabel, Shawn and I have recently started Taekwondo at the M.T.C. (Maui Taekwondo Center.) It's a marshal art and first started being preformed over 2000 years ago. It was originally from Korea. We all love it so much and are happy to have joined the class. We know a couple of kids in the class but we're still the new kids. Sometimes we see Brendan (who's in the class before us) and Reka who's in our class. Both of them used to go to school with Annabel and me. Annabel, Shawn and I just earned our ten stripes for our white belts. This means next month we get to test for a yellow belt. The second highest in rank!

Taekwondo gets you strong physically and mentally, and coordinated. It's also lots of fun!