January 26, 2011

corner view "my favorite artist"

I have many favorite artists. Of course the classics, Monet, Van Gogh. My Dad turned me on to them a long time ago. :)

But I do also have some friends that are artists, both of them are very amazing.

The one I met first was Dario. I met him probably before the age of two because he's one of my Dad's best friends. He's amazing at photorealism. Here's his website for more of his art.

And then there is Juel. I knew her in kindergarten and then I just reunited with her about a year ago. She's an AMAZING artist. Here's some of what she's done. She's only 14!

She drew the first one in pencil and the last two on the computer. But she doesn't trace it like I do, she just uses her eyes and copies it! How amazing is that? Here's Juel's blog if you want to check her out. She'd love your support. :)

For more artists go visit my mom, Theresa and her sidebar. 

January 19, 2011

corner view "organic form"

All of these shapes are unique. So different. But, I can see them all in my backyard, or within five minutes from my house. :)

For more organic shapes, go visit my mom, Theresa and her sidebar.

January 11, 2011

corner view "winter"

 Here's my winter. No snow. Little rain. Lots of sun!

For more winters, (more frosty ones) go visit my mom, Theresa.

January 4, 2011

My Personal *Eh Hem* Style :)

Ok, so I'm finally feeling brave enough to put a picture of my new haircut up. Personally, they cut it a little too short for my taste. It's longer than it was when it was first cut, if that's possible to believe.

 In this picture, I'm leaning on my imaginary friend, William. ;)

And with a new haircut come new openness to skirts. Dum de dum. I try to mix it with my tomboy style as much as I can. Plus my favorite shirt is getting too small on me. Boo hoo.  By the way, thrift stores are ALWAYS the way to go. Just a little tip. You can find everything plus more there. Once, I found a brand new Calvin Klein jean jacket there for like five bucks! (I think Calvin Klein is a really fancy designer because my mom seemed impressed.)

Oh my by the way, I put a new video on YouTube, if you want to check it out :)