January 24, 2010

Fun with a Wig

Today was kind of a boring Sunday. Well not for Annabel, she has a friend over right now. So, I'm left with my blog.

Annabel likes to play a goofy version of American Idol and we all pretend to be total weirdos. I dug up an old wig and Shawn and I had some fun.


These were taken by me and are supposed to be Shawn as a teenage rock star.
Shawn is in a wig and my mom's sunglasses which are prescription and are quite hard to see in.

So, now you know what we do at home when we're not entertained well.


Francesca said...

haha! Looks like you know how to entertain yourselves very well and how to have lots of fun!
PS something seems to be wrong with the commenting function, as I can't publish my comment with my "OpenID"

CinemaSlam said...

Keep these photos -- when Shawn brings home his first real girlfriend, get out the photos. Enjoy the fun!

Theresa said...


Juel said...

Oh my god! Shawn actually kinda looks like a girl! (no offense to Shawn, of course!) THIS IS SO HILARIOUS!