June 23, 2010


Well, here we are in the second hottest place in America. The first hottest, is where I live. After being in chilly California, Florida's a relief. We're visiting my uncle and aunt. Uncle Peter's my dad's older brother. He lives in Florida but his house is like a meet freezer. He must like air conditioning. We're going to see them later. Here's three things about my uncle.

- He has a golf cart in his garage and all of the kids get to drive it around the neighborhood. He said I'm ready for the car but Annabel and Shawn are speed demons. 

- He's hilarious. He spent hours yesterday asking us questions about different things like what does din mean? It means a loud, unpleasant, and prolonged noise. He also asked what was the symbol for America. I got that one. A bald eagle. He also let us watch a hilarious show called Wipeout. A whole bunch of people have to run obstacle courses while having paint and shaving cream flung at them. There's water below and there were some pretty hilarious falls.

- He's eight years older then my Dad so there were some funny family stories to share.

Sorry I've taken so long to blog but traveling's busy!

Talk to you guys later!

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Theresa said...

Uncle Peter (and Aunt Janet) are the best! Now you see where you got your sense of humor from.