August 17, 2010

School Day and Computers

Today's our first day of school. We have a new teacher. She's really nice. She had kinda new methods so we're going to have some fun. I get to blog more, and do more music, and online math. Anyway I think it'll be fun!

On the other hand, my computer's kinda broken. I ran out of space on my hard drive. So, I ordered a new one! YAY! It should come any day. When it comes, I'll put all of the stuff I don't need on my computer on the hard drive. And when I plug it in to the computer, I'll be able to access all of it!

Sorry if this post was boring. :) I couldn't find a picture. Oh well, I'll do one that's more interesting. ;)

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Francesca said...

Happy beginning of a new school year Sky!