January 4, 2011

My Personal *Eh Hem* Style :)

Ok, so I'm finally feeling brave enough to put a picture of my new haircut up. Personally, they cut it a little too short for my taste. It's longer than it was when it was first cut, if that's possible to believe.

 In this picture, I'm leaning on my imaginary friend, William. ;)

And with a new haircut come new openness to skirts. Dum de dum. I try to mix it with my tomboy style as much as I can. Plus my favorite shirt is getting too small on me. Boo hoo.  By the way, thrift stores are ALWAYS the way to go. Just a little tip. You can find everything plus more there. Once, I found a brand new Calvin Klein jean jacket there for like five bucks! (I think Calvin Klein is a really fancy designer because my mom seemed impressed.)

Oh my by the way, I put a new video on YouTube, if you want to check it out :)


CinemaSlam said...

I dig the new do! And the flirty skirt.

Joyce said...

Your haircut is adorable just like you!! xo

Anonymous said...

I love skirts (and dresses), there's so much more variety when it comes to skirts! Pants are, just, well, pants.
Your new short hair cut looks good, it's fun to change hair style - and you can always grow it back:)!

Juel said...

Wow Sky, your new haircut looks great on you! Its so short!

S..Skirts?? Wow, I didn't expect that much to change so fast when I moved away! Its okay, because I love the new style!

I miss you allot, I hope we can hang out when I come to visit!

Don said...

Your haircut looks great! And I enjoyed the video. Good stuff!