August 19, 2011

Ask Skylar!

Well, once again, I haven't posted in awhile. I'm sorry! I'll post more often when I get back home. But right now I'm in LA. And yesterday I shot six more episodes of Ask Skylar, my new web show. It's like an advice show for teens! Anyone can send in questions. :)

Reading over the questions before the shoot.

 On set. :)

Irene creates awesome outfits. A talent I just never seemed to have. :P Love her.

Whit helping me with my microphone.  

Beth, Irene, Me Amber

Thanks Guys!
Oh and if you want to see what we make during these sessions, here
is the first episode out now! :) (This one's called Episode Two because technically the first one was just me introducing myself.) :P


Joyce said...

Sky this looks like so much fun! OK I have one question- is the bedroom setting a stage or an actual bedroom? Your wardrob is pretty hip too. OK maybe hip isn't a cool word and I might be showing my age. :) Keep up the good work my friend. Hugs to you, your mom and the rest of the fam!! xo

Skylar said...

It is a real bedroom, but it's not mine. It's one of the producer's daughter's. It's way cooler that my bedroom at home. :P

likeschocolate said...

Love your little clips. They have been so much fun to watch. Wish my little baby was other to enjoy them.