July 11, 2013

Summer Update :)

Ok, so for the 4th of July, we got to drive up to Mill Valley which is where my parents first met and went on their first date. We stayed at a cool little inn called the Mountain Home Inn and met an awesome waiter guy named Richard. He knew about the Sundays and Mike Doughty and all these unique music artists that no one seemed to know about.

We also went on this hike and saw the hugest redwoods! 

Then we drove about 4 hours up to Yosemite!

Here's us in front of Half Dome.

We took lots of hikes...
 Can you find me? :)

Some pictures I took on the hike...

Mi Family :D

 Shawn pretending to be a squirrel we saw.

Then we headed back to Marin.

It's an almond cashew boat! :D

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