November 30, 2009

The Magic of Clay

I've always loved clay. I love the feeling of it when it's on your fingers. I love everything about it except what it tastes like. It all started a while ago when I was about seven. I made a clay guitar for my dad as a gift. It was his 12 string. Then, I made him a piano and when he lost his metal Buddah, I made him a clay one.




Then, I started making his songs.
For instance, one of his songs was called "Sailing."
So, I made what the title reminded me of.


Big Sun

My parents saw that I loved sculpting so in fifth grade, so they signed me up for a pottery class.



Then, sadly, the pottery place closed down. So my dad's friend Dario, an amazing Italian painter, bought me some modeling clay for practice. It never gets hard and you can't cook it but it's great for practice. Here's some things I made recently:



Juel said...

These are amazing! I really like the last one, its so realistic! Keep it up!

CinemaSlam said...

Praying Baby Angel is my favorite!

Theresa said...

Your art is wonderful Sky