May 18, 2009

Shawnie's First Tooth

Shawn lost his first tooth now that he's six. He was so excited.

"At first I thought it was a fake tooth!" he said. He was in the bathtub after we had been swimming in our pool. His tooth was bleeding a little because he had bonked it while swimming. I thought it was ready to come out and Mom said it wasn't. But I, being mischievous, wanted it out now. And so did Shawn. I brought an apple down and told him it would loosen the tooth while Mom was occupied upstairs. He chewed on the apple for a while and the tooth became very loose.
"Oh, it's ready now!" I told him.

"Pull it out, Sky!" he shouted.

So I took a paper towel and counted. 1...2...3...POP! Out it came. Now normally I am a quiet, polite, civilized, mature 12-year-old. Ok, maybe not. Anyway, I came screaming up the stairs. "DAD DAD DAD DAD! SHAWN'S TOOTH IS OUT!!!!!" And it was an exciting day indeed.

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