May 14, 2009

Taekwando Tournament

On May 9th, we left at 7:30 am to get to the other side of town by quarter to nine for the tournament. When we got there, we signed up and got tags. All three of us were so nervous. Then it was form time and the adult black belts went first. They were amazing. One of our teachers won the gold medal. We were all so proud of her. After that, Shawn went and won a first place! He did the best forms. Plus, I bet the judges loved his red hair!

Then Annabel and I did forms. I won second place and Annabel won fourth.

After that, it was sparring time. That's like fighting with pads. It's pretty scary and you never know who you'll be matched up against. Annabel went first and did very well. But, there was still another match to fight. Shawn went and also did well but was a bit upset he didn't win. But he still got to try again in another match!

Annabel went again and won the second match. She was so out of breath and there was still one more match for her to fight. Just when she was about to catch her breath, they put her in and boy was she tired. But you know what, she did awesome and won third place! That's amazing for her first tournament!

Then Shawn went again and won fourth!

I only had to fight once. I would win either first or second place because I only had to fight once. I was very scared because the girl I had to fight was so much bigger and stronger than I was. I did my best and took second. Maybe I'll win first next time.

Anyhow it was such a great experience and so much fun!

My Form

My Form Scores

Shawn's Form

Judges, listen!

My Sign up Card

My Sparring Partner


Stay Away from Bookworm!

Shawnie the Winner!

First Place!

My Second Place Medal

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