September 14, 2009


As anyone can guess, Shawn likes to be the best. So in made-up games, he likes to be the oldest. In this particular game, he was a basketball star called Shawn Tristan. And Annabel and I are plain ol' collage girls.

Now, usually, we don't like games like this but they come in handy when Shawn's in a bad mood and we need to cheer him up.

On this day, we'd gone to a garden on the grounds of a temple. There was a basketball net and Shawn was in a bad mood. Mom also wanted some pictures of Shawn. So, of course, she left it to me. I told him, I wanted a picture of him in front of the tractor wheel so I could show everyone how big it was. It worked. Then, I took a picture of him in front of a giant sunflower. Then I took a whole bunch of basketball shots and pretended I was a photographer for Shawn Tristan wanting pictures of him for the newspaper.

That got his attention.

After that, I took some photos of Annabel. They turned out adorable.

Then, we pretended to do a commercial about helmet safety for children because everyone listens to Shawn Tristan.

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CinemaSlam said...

You know your brother SO well. I should like to meet Shawn Tristan someday. Maybe he'd give me his autograph? Like the pics of Annabel, too.