September 14, 2009

My Cousins

I have three cousins Emma and Elijah and Henry. Emma is 6, Elijah is 4 and Henry is 1, almost 2.

I played with Henry this summer a lot. I babysat, helped him ride a scooter and played with a baseball bat trying to hit the American flag that hung over my grandparent's garage.

Also, Emma and I made a fairy house by the tree in my grandparent's backyard and taught me the word precarious. How does a six-year-old know that??

Elijah and I saved the maiden in distress and played tiger and dinosaur.

We had so much fun and we played all sorts of games, croquet, Mother May I? Tickle monster at the park, save the Princess, (Elijah was the prince and Emma was the princess).

The Fairy House




Henry and I on the scooter

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