April 20, 2010

corner view "earth day"

Earth Day. A day to celebrate and respect the world we live in. To me, every day is Earth Day. There shouldn't be a day of our lives where we aren't aware and thankful to Earth. It gives us a home, fresh air to breathe, food and water to keep us alive. Some people don't care. They don't respect the earth. They don't realize that if we don't save our world, Earth will die and so will we.

Humans are selfish. Some more than others, but almost every human being, including me, wants good things for themselves. But at an early age it's important to develop awareness about our home. First there were the seas, the animals, the wonderful trees and plants and flowers. But humans came along and over time came cars, planes, factories, garbage, plastic, gasoline, oil, and guns and bombs. We cut down the trees. We pollute the air. We kill the animals for coats and fur. We throw garbage in the ocean and kill dolphins and whales. Drive cars too much when we could ride a bike for a short distance.

What about all of the important things in life? What about all of the other species, they have just as much of a right to be here as we do. But most humans don't care. We are lazy and careless and greedy. We want to have everything for ourselves. 

My little sister, Annabel and I did a video for a contest about saving the planet.

What we learned is that just doing little things can help. Turning off the water when you brush your teeth or taking shorter showers, or turning off the lights when you're not using them. Also unplugging things like cell phone chargers, TV's, computers and radios at night can help save a ton of energy.

I really hope that one day, if I ever get anywhere with my music, that I'll be someone who tries to help others and not just myself. Here's a good example of someone who did that. I'm sure he loved Earth Day. Even though he's no longer with us, he left this to remind us of what he stood for.

On April 22nd, I hope each of us find some way to help our wonderful home. And maybe, if we all try to make a change, every day can become Earth Day. Remember, it all starts with the Man in the Mirror.

For more suggestions about helping the earth, go to Jane's blog.


Joyce said...

BRAVO my friend! You said it all so beautiful! I feel the same we have to do something even if it is baby steps at first. Thank you!

Francesca said...

Such beautiful photos of nature, Sky! So perfect to celebrate Earth Day and to remind us to love our planet: humans can be selfish, but are also capable of finding beauty and of great love, and we always respect and take care of things we love.
PS I couldn't follow your music link, the video is blocked in my country because it infringes copyrights. Now I'm curious: what was it?

kenza said...

wonderful post Skylar!

Katie said...

Hey Sky!
Awesome post! Love your pictures too! You're becoming quite the photographer!! :)
Email me soon!!

Theresa said...

Wonderful post Sky. These are 2 of my favorite songs that inspire me. Thanks for sharing!