April 28, 2010

corner view "animals"

What would this world be like without animals? I don't wanna know. Probably empty. Probably dead. The human man is an animal, but we are more capable of certain things. We have hands and feet. We can put things together, we can invent. We can reason, we have free will. Animals live by instinct.

But we're not better. Killing some animals for food is part of the food chain. But killing animals for fur and oil? Killing elephants for their tusks? We can live without those things. If we can invent a computer or a light bulb, invent your own fur. Invent your own oil. Sculpt your own tusks!  

So many species are going extinct because of different reasons. But most of those reasons are caused by Man.

Cutting down trees, global warming, killing animals... Do we want to destroy these wonderful creatures and make this world unrecognizable to our children and grandchildren? No animals? No forests? No arctic life? We create that for ourselves. We cut down the trees. We pollute the air. Oh, we say, they'll take care of it. They who? It's us!

If we don't make a difference, our children and grandchildren will never see these beautiful creatures like I do.

All of the animals listed above are endangered. There will be none left on the face of this earth if we don't help them!

And the gorilla. There's only about 700 left in the entire world! I live by the ocean. I see whales swimming in the waters. I've been on a boat and seen whales up close. I've also gone scuba diving and seen turtles. These are wonderful, beautiful animals.

This beautiful creature is almost extinct. There are only about 30 Amur Leopards left in the world. This little baby might die in extinction. We have to stop this! We have to make a difference.

And there are none of these left in the wild! Only in zoos. 

The panda, the tiger, the rhino, they're all endangered. Help them. Look for somewhere you can donate to help save the animals. Don't buy fur coats to support people that kill animals. Let's make our difference while we've got the chance.


Gary said...

Sky, you're so awesome. Those photos just about made me cry. Those sweet little faces are almost as beautiful as yours. And your words are as beautiful as you are. -- Love Dad

RosaMarĂ­a said...

that is sooo sad... animals are better than people. Ever.

Katie said...

Hey Skylar!!
Love your pictures! The post was too sweet!!! Great job!
Hope you have a beautiful day today!! Email me soon and check out my blog!
Love always,

Joyce said...

Well written my friend. This is so sad that the animals listed have few numbers attached to them. It really wants to make me cry. Even in my corner to see the deer, raccoons and other animals looking for shelter, food and a place to room, we have taken over so much of their space they have no where to go. Many hugs Skylar! I know your parents are so proud of you. xo

Francesca said...

It's sometimes difficult to create ecosystems that are good both for humans and animals. But it is possible, I believe, and more and more people are devoting their time to just figuring out how and making it happen. You chose some beautiful photos Sky, and write so well your thoughts.

Theresa said...

I agree with what you wrote Sky

Anonymous said...

Very nice post, and I totally agree. Let's leave the animals alone! Good that you're spreading the word!