May 2, 2010

Sibling Update

What ever would I do without them? I'd be so lonely. I'd feel so empty. I'd probably be way more impatient.

Best of friends since 1999. My goofy lovely pal. I can tell her anything, trust her with my life. Even though I can be a little bossy or mean sometimes, like making her touch the slimy tofu because she was being really annoying about it. :) But most of the time we're like a knot.

My giggly brother. He only poses for the camera when I tell him he can pretend to be a basketball star named Shawn Tristan. He likes to whack things really hard. Including people with a foam sword. But even though it's foam, it has a metal rod inside, so it feels like you're being hit with a bat. But that doesn't happen too much. He likes yellow, orange and red because they're the colors of fire. But mostly yellow. My favorite color used to be red and Shawn started to copy me when he was about three. So I told him that yellow was a much more powerful color because it was the color of the sun and the sun's huge. He bought it and it stuck. :)
And now, Shawn's on YouTube:  Shawn's Drumming!

We're the best of friends and will always be!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure they look up to you more than you'll ever know (and more than they'll ever let on!)

garymarks said...

That was soooo funny, Sky. I feel another novel coming out of you about all this.

Francesca said...

Is red still your favorite color? I enjoyed your sibling update, and will check out Shawn's drumming and your editing!

Katie said...

Hey Skyl
I tagged you over at my blog! I know, I definitely would not have as much patience as I do because of my sweet siblings.... :) I'm the oldest in my family too! :) Ya gotta love it!! :)