February 8, 2011

corner view "my favorite actor"

Well this is a fun one! I already told you about Robin Williams and Tom Hanks. Those are two of my favorite actors. If there's a new movie with either of them in it, I'll see it. But currently, the actor I'm really into is Zac Efron. Some of you European people probably haven't heard of him. He's more of an American boy. :) It's good for me to be remotely into what other kids are into. Or at least that's what my mom thinks. Zac is 23 years old and has been acting since he was my age, 14. He said the kids in school used to call him "the theater dork" and he considers himself a bit of a nerd. I love nerds! :) He got small guest rolls on TV shows for a while.

Here's a picture from his first guest spot. The TV show was Firefly. He was 14 here.

Then one day in 2006, he found his breakthrough. "High School Musical." In the first movie, Zac's singing parts weren't sung by him (he was lip syncing to someone else's voice) because he wasn't quite good enough of a singer yet. But the second and third "High School Musical" movies he did all of his own singing. "High School Musical" is more of a kid film, but my whole family and I enjoy it. There are three movies in the series.
 In High School Musical One

Right now, Zac's doing more dramatic acting because he already showed us he can sing and dance. :) He recently made a movie called "Charlie St. Cloud." Charlie's younger eleven year old brother was killed in a car crash when Charlie was fifteen. (Charlie is now 23.) Every day, Charlie meets with Sam, his younger brother, in a graveyard and plays catch with him even though Sam has died. The story's about how Charlie has to let go of his brother to live again. It makes me cry every single time I watch it. I'm a sucker for movies like this. And Zac did prove he is a really good actor.

Here are some pictures from 'Charlie St. Cloud."
 And of course it doesn't hurt that he's absolutely adorable. :) 

I've never met him, but here's the magic of Photo Editing.
 I also thought it was funny how much we looked alike when we were younger.
Plus we're wearing pretty much the exact same outfit. :P
Baby Me         :)        Baby Zac

For more actors, go visit my mom, Theresa and her sidebar. :)
Happy corner viewing!


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

hey, little journalist! great post...!
i share your passion for hanks only, dear.

Formerly known as Frau said...

You too do look alike as children! Too funny! I like him as an actor too, Charlie St. Cloud was a great movie! Nice to see him break out of the High School Musical role!

Cate said...

i can definitely feel the love in this post. and those two "younger" pictures side by side are really wonderful.

le blÖg d'Ötli said...

I know this actor because the youngest of my daughters like him and the three movies "High school musical"!

le blÖg d'Ötli said...

I forgot : lovely babies ;)

kari said...

Oh I think Mr Efron totally rocks!
I enjoyed the HSM movies too - even my 2 year old enjoys the songs.
i haven't seen Charlie St. Cloud - but it sounds like a good movie.
great post.

Joyce said...

First of all you are amazing in photoshop!!! You have a great selection of favorite actors. xo

Kasia said...

Hello Skylar, thanks for this CV theme! I love your post, especially the edited photos of you and Zac. He's well known here in Europe as well :)

Thank you for sharing,

likeschocolate said...

Love this post!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic post, Sky! You're a very talented photoshop-per, and have great imagination and sense of humor!

Theresa said...

Zac is really talented. What I appreciate about him (since you have educated me just a teeny tiny bit about him) is that he is so open to learning new things.

RosaMaría said...

love the last photo!!
so cute!!

Dorte said...

I have not heard of him, but I also live in Europe :)
Great post and I really like your magical photo edits!

tanïa said...

Great photoshop-illusions! You seem to fit well together!

jgy said...

Wow! I love your photo edits at the end, and the way you told the story. Will you send a link to him?
I think he`d enjoy this:)))

la ninja said...

ha ha. not bad.
I've heard of him... she's a bit of a looker too, isn't he? and yes, spitting image of each other, those baby pics :)