November 26, 2012

Sports... Trying Everything...

Well, in the last few months since I've posted, I've gone into 10th grade. And with 10th grade came new activities. Lots of stuff with friends (yay, being social) and lots of new sports.

Right now, I recently got back into Taekwondo after quite a long break. I also started tennis after my summer break and being inspired by Roger Federer winning Wimbledon. Man I love that guy. And, skateboarding. Ah, skateboarding. It's super fun, I'm not gonna lie. However, my parents find it a tad dangerous so they're not as thoroughly supportive as my other activities. That's okay, parents will be parents. I try to say you get hurt in all sports, but they're not convinced with the line of bruises down my leg, renewed each weekend when I go to the skatepark. Plus, scars on my arms and knees. Mom says I won't like those when I'm older. :P She cracks me up.
With skating, I'd also love to try surfing, but that's a little more expensive. Plus, you need at least one or two lessons (at least I do) and people to supervise you while you're in the water. But it looks so fun! I'm also attempting bodyboarding. All these sports involve using the waves as ramps. It's pretty awesome. And lastly, I'm trying dancing.

At this rate, I have sports at least 5 days a week, sometimes more than one on certain days. That's one way to burn my energy off...

I love trying new things. Try while you're young and able, I always say. Plus, I love being active and being outside.

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