December 22, 2012

Winter Break 2012

Okay, it's officially winter break. I was kinda over school a month ago, but I'm so much more relaxed now. Something about the awesomeness of having nothing to do. Ahhhh. :)

Over the break, some friends of ours are coming in January. We've known them since we were little and they're two boys. One's Noah, he's my age, and one is Gabriel. He's almost Annabel's age. I'm really excited to see them.

Tennis is going well, we had a fun little tournament. I got a t shirt. :P My friend Kaleb was there because his mom is one of my coaches. Her name is Trish and the other coach is Barb. They're awesome.
I finally got a tennis racket too. It's awesome. It's orange. :P

In the mean time, I hope to do some fun stuff, we'll have Christmas, I'll play some tennis and do some skateboarding. And surfing, I finally got to try surfing! Most amazing invention ever. I can't wait to do it some more.

Surfing!! Falling and then... not falling. 
I actually didn't fall the first time I got up. Though in the first picture, I was about to crash. :P

Tennis Tournament :) 
Not really a tournament, just kids getting together to play.
In this picture I am serving. Or, uh, trying to serve. It needs practice. :)

 The kids

 Kaleb and Me

Skating :D

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