December 10, 2014

corner view "attendance"

Today I attended the last day of my English 104 class. It was a college class hosted in the building of my high school. Next semester I will be venturing off with two other friends to take classes at the actual college campus. It should be an awfully big adventure. :)
During this class we wrote poems and short stories. The one I will share was used in my portfolio as a free write but it was written originally as a "metaphor for an emotion" poem. 


Open your eyes
And you can see everything
As you watch the stars
Melt through your fingertips
And become sweet and silky

You chase harder; blind 
With a smile regardless 
of the ignorance

Too high; you're too high now
Above reason
Mindless; free; lost
Grasping for the open

For the pain 
is so raw

But it will unlatched and thin
As your eyes pull me in

Can you guess the metaphor?

Thanks Francesca for hosting. :)


simply bev said...

That's an amazing sky you've captured! Nice work!

Heather said...

Milky way?

Menthe Blanche said...

Beautiful! But my english level is not good enough to capture the subtleties like metaphors! unfortunatly....

Francesca said...

nice way to transition to college life!
i'm looking through my telescope, but can't find any emotion to match your writing - does it matter? poems should evoke emotions, even if we (readers) don't see it from exactly the same lens as the author. (I never took english 104, so the above is just rambling :))

likeschocolate said...

lovely and beautiful photo!

:) said...

Discovery and satori, is my perception... of this wonderful "attendance"

jgy said...

Beautiful and inspired poem and photo and post?

PS I found your blog again!!

jgy said...

PS sorry that first punctuation mark was an exclamation point!!
not sure how it became a question, maybe my low score in English 104 after living in Japan for many years:))

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

great transition. you're well underway with poetry, it'll be a fun ride, promise. n♥