April 17, 2009

Music Video :)

I did my first music video recently. We met a man named Kahu who runs Gamekids, a professional kids performance group, and he said he would love to do a video. So I called a friend and Annabel and together we made a not-quite finished video! We still need to work on it but it was a lot of fun. First we put up a green screen behind the piano. This is used so we can change the background. Then I sat down at the piano and played on camera. I was very nervous because I'd never been behind a camera before. Plus I had to wear a pink dress (girl city! Yech!) and my hair down. I hate my hair down - it gets fluffy and itchy.

Then we headed downstairs to do a sleepover scene with my friend and Annabel. We had a lot of fun and we got to play with stuffed animals.

And after that we went to a grassy area by my house and we did some running around and spinning and piggyback rides. I never thought making a music video could be so much fun!

"Sleepover" Time!

Spin around and see how long you can stay up without falling down!
"I'm nervous! Please can I wear a ponytail, jean shorts and a t-shirt?"

Transformation from a music room (Dad's office) to a video set

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