April 16, 2009

Camera Joy

Mom got a brand new camera because her old one doesn't work that well and we're going to Europe this summer. Where we live we see a lot of tourists. Now it's our turn! Mom's camera is awesome. It has a really good zoom and all this new equipment. I, on the other hand, get Mom's old camera. It broke even more and it wouldn't even take a picture. It was pretty much useless. But, we figured we didn't need to spend $ 5,000,000,000,000,000 on repair like most mechanics, we just had to get a new lens. (Here's where my negotiating skills come in.) Since we were gonna get a new lens and it wouldn't cost that much more money, Mom and Dad agreed to get me a zoom lens like my mom's! And plus, zooming is my favorite part of taking pictures. So it's gonna come in the mail soon and I'll have some great pictures of the Eiffel Tower and Venice!

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