September 14, 2010

corner view "seven"

Seven is considered a lucky number. It's also my Dad's favorite number because of his hero, Mickey Mantle. There's a store called 7 Eleven but I've never set foot in there because my parents wont let me.

Seven of my favorite things right now...(Annabel's Idea)
Michael Jackson
Robin Williams / Mork and Mindy
Computers / Nerd Stuff
Two different colored Socks

Seven of my least favorite things right now...
Running out of Hard Drive space.
Walking up and down the stairs for NO reason. It's extremely boring and tiring.
Yelling at people (unless it's your little brother of course!)
Getting sick on the weekends (Especially if you were REALLY looking forward to something like... GOING TO YOUR FRIEND'S HOUSE!)
Getting dressed up in a SKIRT and a GIRLY shirt by your little sister who just does it for pure pleasure!

Oh I could go on...

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le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Seven different things to show how we are seven times seven all different... Nice !

Anonymous said...

I don't believe you yell at your little brother!

pien said...


Conny said...

I like your lists of 7. :>) Not in order of importance I suppose: I thought I'd see Cheese as #1. :>) It's a favorite of mine too.

Tally said...

Nice idea, listing 7 things (of likes and dislikes). Maybe I'll follow you in my private diary.

Cate said...

love all of these, but the dislike of the fancy skirt and shirt is my fave. so great!

jgy said...

hi, We have 7 Eleven in Japan too!
Fun lists, happy days to you, and enjoy finding what the new favorites will be.

Juel said...

You can't go into Seven Eleven!?
Anyway, I agree with you about the fancy clothes! Ick!