September 7, 2010

corner view "school"

First things first, I wouldn't have such a great school if it weren't for my parents and my awesome teacher, Miss Yvonne. I'm home-schooled with my sister Annabel.  This means, we can experiment with different types of learning.

Miss Yvonne is a new kind of teacher. On the first day of school, she made a list of the differences between my sister Annabel and I and our similarities too. So, she really got a feel of who we are. We go to a math website called IXL. Every time you get 100%, you get a virtual medal and the longer you practice, the more prizes you get. It's really fun! It goes up to eighth grade but high school is coming soon so for now, I'm just reviewing. So that's new, math is FUN!

We also do vocabulary. We look through some books that we're reading (it can be magazines or whatever) and find some words we don't know. We look them up and then teach them to each other. Then, every time we use the word in a sentence, we get a point. At the end of every two weeks, we have a test and get little stones and things for prizes. :) So fun!

Even though we don't have seasons where I live, I can always imagine the back-to-school thing. When I grow up, bundling my children in their scarves and hats and mittens, packing their lunches and watching them walk to school, waving goodbye to me. As they walk away, a gentle wind blows, rustling trees, forcing the little red-orange leaves to say farewell and fly off on a new adventure. (I don't know if this is really going to happen, I might home school my kids, I was just trying to be all mature and 'wisdomatic' and stuff.) :)

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pien said...

you lucky homeschool-girl!
i am jalous

Anonymous said...

I like your wisdomatic scene. I've always lived in places where leaves fall when it's time to go back to school, but I'd love to leave where there are no seasons and where I'm never cold.

Julianna said...

Hey thanks for the comment : ) You have a vary lovely blog!

Conny said...

Your homeschooling experience sounds good. I might have to check out IXL thanks to you. :>) Love the imagery you used for your future. Way to go. Cheers~

(P.S. I like that my word verification is "vission" as close to "vision" as possible.)