October 15, 2010


It's always been a cool holiday. You get to dress up in things your parents would totally never let you wear in real life (like rainbow suspenders) and go out and beg for candy! How fun can that be? Usually, being a health conscious family, we don't get to eat the candy. WAHH! We have to trade it in for healthy candy. :(

And our family isn't into the whole vampire, ghost thing. So, we're always really different things for Halloween. One year, when I was six, I was Cathy Rigby. Then I was Paul McCartney. And I was Robin Williams when I was ten. Last year, I was Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series. My sister begged me. She was obsessed with that series. She was Percy and my little brother was Grover, the satyr. :) That was funny.

This year, I shall be Mork. I have the pants and I ordered rainbow suspenders and I'm going to get about six different colored shirts and sew them together to make a shirt like this one: 

I'll need to work on my sewing... and cutting... and bribing. It takes some skill to bribe my mom to go into town. :)


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Anonymous said...

that's a great idea, Skylar! hmmmm, i might just have to "borrow" it from you for my halloween costume. do you mind?