October 12, 2010

corner view "green"

My mom is the type of mom that gets an idea in her head and sticks with it. Not only does she stick with it, she drags the whole family along too. Composting, for instance is one of these examples and is not one of our favorite chores.

Recently, Annabel and I took the job of doing the laundry every day. But we don't just wash it and put it in the dryer, like everyone else, we have to wash it, go out, hang it, let it dry, fluff it in the dryer, fold it and put it away. Maybe some of you folks in Europe do that and all of your friends and neighbors do that, but where I live, no one does that. They just pop it in the washer and then the dryer and call it a day.

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We also have to do the compost. YUCK! Pardon if I'm offending any compost fans out there, but it's gross. You put rotting food and rotting grass together and it creates food for plants. Thank goodness it isn't food for people - though it started that way, now didn't it?

But one thing I really don't mind, is recycling. We have to separate all of our paper and cardboard here, but in some places, there's no sorting involved. Over a period of months, not sorting saves you lots of time, ladies and gentlemen.

Upon further reflection, the laundry and recycling isn't all that bad. Especially if you're listening to music or if you have someone to talk to. And you're helping the earth at the same time! (It's the compost no one likes.) But, I guess I'll get used to it. :)    Looks like he did...!


Anonymous said...

composting is my least favorite chore as well and i'm the ONLY one who'll do it :(
happy laundering!

chia said...

or you could try vermicomposting with earthworms! I thought about it but decided my one-room apartment had no space for a bucket of worms :p but with a garden or cellar space the worms will live happily and eat up all your compost, and apparently it won't smell as bad!

it's nice that you girls help your mum with the housework. :)

Joyce said...

Oh how I miss the clothes out on the line, the fresh air scent. Unfortunately in our area it is restricted- weird huh? As compost we don't have one yet but have been thinking of where to put one. I would like it away from the house, but then it would be near the neighbors. I am sure we will find the perfect spot.
I think this is wonderful you and your sister are such a big help to your mom. I am sure she appreciates it. xo

likeschocolate said...

Great story telling! Sometimes I wish that I could hang our laundry outside, but it is not allowed where we live, but with three boys I think laundry is all I would be doing if I hung it outside. Have a great week!

Theresa said...

Go solar power! You girls are the best for helping me!!
Hint: if you take the compost put every day in the morning, or better yet evening before it gets dark, it won't smell.

Victoria said...

I love to hang the washing outside. Especially all the bedlinen. The sun makes the whites brighter and they are lovely and fresh and crisp afterwards. I do like the towels to be all fluffy from the dryer though. A little of both seems to work fine.

I am a little shocked that some people say they are allowed to hang washing outside! Why I wonder?

Conny said...

An active compost pile should not smell bad, "earthy" but not bad. I do get your point, however, about the yucky factor.

I love that you and your sister have taken over the laundry. True, the time goes faster when you have music or someone to talk to. My family didn't get a clothes dryer until I was in 7th grade. I remember the day it arrived; I was soooo happy about it! I'd been hanging and ironing the laundry since the 5th grade.

Great Green CV today, Skylar! ~ Conny

Anonymous said...

I think my boys feel the same as you do:)