May 10, 2008

Our Garden

Now, in the tropics, we don't have much rain. It almost never rains. And if it does, Annabel, Shawn and I go out in our bathing suits and splash in the mud puddles, slide on the grass (and ruin the lawn), jump on the trampoline and play in the pool. But usually it's just hot, hot, hot outside. So some plants don't do so well here. And it's usually the prettiest ones. When we go to the plant store, usually all the kids get to pick out a plant. "Can I have this one?" Annabel says.

"Ok," says mom

"I want this one!" Shawn would say.

"No" says mom "That is a tree. Why don't you have this one?"

"Yeah!" says Shawn excitedly.

"Can I have this one?" I ask.

"Skylar, those flowers don't do well here, it's too hot."

"Rats." So then I'm stuck with the a mini cactus instead of the pretty purple chrysanthemums. After that we go home and plant them, and I wish I had the mums. Then, before a week is over, someone over waters my cactus and it wilts like overcooked broccoli. But it isn't so bad. In fact, some plants do really well here.

Here is a picture of our front yard

These are flowers that grow in our backyard

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cameron said...

Hi Skyler;
I met you last November when I went on vacation with my parents, Burke and Heidi, in Maui. I like your blog. I have the same problem with picking plants for my room. I like to have a lot of plants around my me and and my room is really hot and bright in the summer so it is difficult to choose plants that will both live and are beautiful. If you have any thoughts on my dilemma please e-mail me at
Thanks and keep blogging!
Enjoy the rest of your summer,