May 7, 2008

Us Three

Annabel, Shawn and I are pretty good friends... most of the time. We play a lot of the time and sometimes there's an argument but we try to get along. On sunny weekends, we play in our pool and on the trampoline. Sometimes we wet the trampoline and you bounce so high, it feels as if you're going to Timbucktoo. Then when you absolutely can't jump another jump, we lay down and it's so peaceful, you can hear the leaves swaying in the wind. Our dad works at home and when he's not busy, we play baseball outside. Shawn started a baseball team but didn't want to go back because I think there was too much sitting and not enough hitting. Shawn has gotten very good and so has Annabel. Pretty much all three of us can wham the ball into the street, but then, we have a pretty small front yard.
Here's Shawn ready to play some baseball!

Here's us three buddies on a trip

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cameron said...

Hi Skyler i envy that you and your siblings get along so well me and my sister are fighting constantly, And its not a very nice lifestyle. any tips? Please e-mail me at
Thank you i love reading your blog
from Cameron