February 10, 2010

corner view "re-purposed"

I guess one of the things I've created out of something else is a mobile from Lincoln Logs. I don't know if they have them in places other than America but they are these logs with crevices on the ends. The crevices make them easier to stay where they're put.

Anyway, about a couple of years ago, when I was eight, I wanted to make a nice gift for my brother, Shawn's, fourth birthday. So, I took some Lincoln Logs and some nails and I went to my workbench and I came inside with this... a Lincoln Log airplane mobile.


Shawn really liked it for a while and then one summer we had to pack it away. We just dug it up a couple of days ago and just in time for corner view!

For more corner views visit Jane or Francesca (who made up the idea of re-purposed).

P.S. I got Photoshop for Christmas and I'm making my new CD cover. I have two and like them both.


Feedback? Which one do you like better: A or B? It's called Next Color.
To hear my other CD's go here.

P.P.S My younger sister Annabel took the pictures of me. She's only ELEVEN!


Conny said...

If I show the Lincoln Log plane mobile to my son, I'm sure he'll want one too. That's ingenuity - using what materials you had available and your talent.

Album covers - both are great. Do we have to choose one? I think at my house we'd be doing "eeni-meeni-miney-mo" on that, and save the second for the next album.

Cheers ~

Ritva said...

your mobile is really something!
well done!

both covers are great, but today i prefer B :)

Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

Great mobile.
I like photo A

Francesca said...

We don't have Lincoln Logs over here, and your mobile is so pretty, Sky!
About the CD covers, they look both nice (perhaps you could teach us all how to use photoshop!), and I prefer B. Annabel is a good photographer, and thank you for introducing her to us.
PS The CV list has grown very long, and it's not possible for most people to visit everyone or even to take notice of who's new - had you not found me, I would have missed out on finding you!

Theresa said...

I love that mobile. When Shawn gets his new room it will get re-hung. I like "B."

la ninja said...

oh! I've never seen lincoln logs before at all, but that mobile looks great. I'd love one too.

I like picture B better too (they're both lovely, though, but B is a bit less "posed", if you know what I mean, much more natural. but that's just my opinion, of course.)

yup, I'm with francesca. so many people on cv it's like a full-time job to comment on everyone's blog and not miss anybody :)

denise said...

i love your mobile! very cool and creative.

CinemaSlam said...

I vote for A, nice Photoshop work!

pien said...

the mobile is super!

and the photo.. ehm.. A.

happy day sky!

jane said...

what a great idea! you are one talented girl!

Sophie said...

You're very nice to create such a beautiful gift for your brother! My son (5 years old) would like it very much!

And about the photo I prefer B.

Michelle said...

fabulous idea...very creative! i vote 'B' of the two great shots {great job, Sis!}

MODsquad said...

I sure do LOVE your mobile!! I'm quite fond of Lincoln Logs!!

And which picture? Impossible to choose! They are both DARLING!!

Juel said...

I like "A" the most! Lincoln Logs look so fun!