February 3, 2010

corner view "sweets"

Today Mom was in a playful mood so she offered to take us kids for ice cream partly because I didn't have any pictures of "sweets". So we went for ice cream and I got all inspired because sugar's real inspiring if you know what I mean.
For More Corner Views please go to Jane's blog.

P.S. Does anyone know how to make a fancy background on the blog or add music? Thanks!


Theresa said...

It was fun!

la ninja said...

I see exactly what you mean!

not that versed on the blog stuff but try "customize" and "add gadget", lots of silly and/or cool stuff there other people have put together for you to play with :)
good luck.

Francesca said...

Ice cream is the best kind of sweet! For the music, you might want to ask Isabelle of Lou & Tom, she often has it. About music, I never ended up telling you how one night my boys and I went to your site and listened to all the pieces there. My boys had to write their own songs as part of a music assignment, and were moping and complaining about how it was inconceivable for boys of their age to be able to do that,, and so I showed them how it possible to be a musician at their age. We really loved your music, and enjoyed listening to how your voice evolved and became richer. You have great talent. Next time we are in the US, we'll place an order:)

likeschocolate said...

You just click on the part that say add a Html on your customization section. Then copy and paste the code in. It is pretty easy. I have a music player on my blog.

Elisabelle said...


pien said...

skywriting i like cheese
that is just so cool.

i will come again today to see what pictures you have on todays c.v. theme.

happy day sky!
sunny sky

Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

Hi Sky. I just found you via Fuori Borgo. An icecream party sounds great. Wish it were warm enough here for that - its -6 today and I've had enough of feeling cold. I shall pop back to see more from you.

jane said...