February 13, 2010

Percy Jackson: The Movie A+

Today was Annabel's dream day. She's obsessed with the book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I love them too but not to such an extreme level. :)

Anyway, today was the second day of the movie being out and the whole family went to see it. I think everyone in the theater rated it A+. The critics were rating it C- because they were comparing it to Harry Potter. All of the kids who saw the movie would be pretty mad at them, I'll tell you that!

The special effects were great, the movie had great actors and overall, I bet they're going to make the next four! I'd be so excited for that!!


Katie said...

Hey Sky!
Thanks for commenting on my blog! This is kind of fun doing this with you!
No, I haven't seen the Percy Jackson movie. I haven't even read the books, I've heard of them though!
Where do you live! Ya, I live in the south too. This is really rare that we get snow!!
I noticed your music albums on iTunes. I've always dreamed of selling my songs on iTunes! My friend, my sister, and I all sing songs from the 30s in 3 part harmony! It sounds really neat! We sang "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" in a showcase last year and won $50!
Keep Commenting on my blog!

Theresa said...

Great flick