November 4, 2009

corner view "contrast"

 The most elemental contrast I remember from the earliest age is the contrast of night and day.

The blazing, pink, sun

To the silvery moon

The brightness of morning

The stillness of evening 

 Nature's awake in the day, and looking so alive

In night, nature sleeps, waiting for morning to arrive

Day time's for fun

Night is for dreaming

In the night the water is still

While in the day, it's busy and moving

The day is for finding, walking, and going forward

Night is the time to stand still and remember


la ninja said...

well seen and great pics. :)

(that pizza below looks lovely in all
its wonkiness!)

Cate said...

oh, man, will my daughter like seeing that pink sun!!!

Ian said...

Don't live in the Arctic circle ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is all so beautiful! You captured beautiful contrasts both in your writing and your photos!

CinemaSlam said...


Theresa said...

very wonderful post, like your photos and your thoughts!