November 22, 2009

When I'm the mother...

Sorry I haven't written in a while, my mom's been away in California to see Amma, an Indian saint. She'll be home tomorrow. I miss her so much! Life's so different without my mom around.

I have to do all the housework. The dishes, the laundry and I have to put Shawn and Annabel to bed.

I get lonely. I don't get my mom to put me to bed and to talk to me before I go to sleep. We usually laugh and have a great time or sometimes, I need to talk to her when I need help or I'm feeling sad.

And, I really realize how much work my mom does for my brother and sister and me. I did her work for three days and I'm exhausted. She does that work every day. And she doesn't complain much. And if I wrote my mom a letter right now, this is what I'd say:

Thanks mom, for all you do for me. Thanks for keeping me safe, thanks for always making me feel better when I'm sad or in pain, thanks for doing the laundry and the work around the house, thanks for helping me come into the world.

I know that I owe so much to you and I'll always love and appreciate what you do for me and everyone else.

And mom, I really miss you and can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Love forever,


Anonymous said...

Hi Sky, I think it's good for moms to go away sometimes to do something that's really important to them, and also ... well, to be missed and have their loving, quiet and constant work appreciated even more.
You're doing extraorinarily well managing all the things that your mom normally does. I'm sure your dad and your siblings are very grateful.

Juel said...

that was so sweet! I hope your mom sees this, I bet she'll be really happy when she does!

T. said...

Hi Skylar!
I found your blog after you posted a comment on mine...thanks for saying hello!
This is such a sweet post...your family must be very proud of you for helping out so much while your mom was away! :)
All my best, T.

Theresa said...

You did great, Sky! Thanks for all of your help. I really appreciate and love you too!

sinnlighet said...

Yes yes yes, your skyblog is amazing & I love it!

Agneta from Sweden

Conny said...

I'm cheering from the sidelines here - you sound like you did a great job. Your mom would (and will be) so proud. I love what fluoriborgo said - no one could have said it better. I'm sure your mom missed you too.

You were a great helper. See, you knew exactly what to do - you learned from the best: your own mom.

Cheers ~ Conny