November 12, 2009

corner view "my favorite dish"

I'm not sure I have a favorite dish. But I do love pretty much anything with olives. I adore olives! Ever since I tasted them when I was two, I've loved olives and pickles. I'm weird enough without my strange diet. Black olives, green olives, I think it's the sourness. I also like raspberries.

 They sit there,
 But when no one is looking...

SHH! Don't tell dad! I've only had fourteen.
But wait, he'll see this blog, and then he'll know.
Oh well, it's worth it. :)


Theresa said...

Yes, you do like sour food, but you are far from a sour girl!

Anonymous said...

I love olives too! We live in a olive oil production area, and at this time of year we go and pick olives from abandoned olive trees, and then put them in brine (did you know that olives are so bitter that you can't eat them just off the tree?) - in fact, I was just writing about this for my next post! I wonder if one could live on olives and raspberries:)

peemer said...

Hi Sky!! I finally got a chance to do some "catching up" on your blog. Even though you haven‘t mentioned it - congratulations on your green belt! I heard about that from a little birdie :)
I LOVE olives. Especially tree ripened ones. Yummm!!! And your friend Juel‘s artwork is fantastic!! She was truly born to do art. Thanks for sharing her work. I really enjoyed your piece on night and day. Much love from up the hill!!!
Aunty Pamela

Skylar said...

Hi Pamela, I haven't gotten my green belt yet, but I'm testing Saturday November 21st. See ya soon!

Kari said...

I heart olives too.