November 3, 2009


On Halloween, my family went to a party at one of my Taekwando teacher's houses. It was a lot of fun. We went trick or treating and didn't get to eat any candy. We were all characters from my favorite book series. Annabel was Percy Jackson, I was Annabeth and Shawn was Grover, the satyr. I even made Shawn horns! Annabel and I were Half-Bloods. That means our parents were gods. Percy's dad is Poseidon so he has water powers and Annabeth's mom is Athena so she's really smart.

We saw some friends from Taekwando and had a great time!!!!

P.S. Since we didn't eat any candy, we got some healthier candy that's more awesome!!!!!!


Us acting like our characters

Us acting like ourselves


Anonymous said...

In my country (Italy) Halloween is a fairly recent acquisition, and it doesn't involve candy (or trick or treating) but confetti throwing, like we do for Carnival!

cameron said...

cool!!! love those books read the entire series 9.7/10 for me