October 5, 2009


Shawn is six. He's so cool. He plays the drums. He does Taekwondo. I love him.

If I was six, I'd probably say it like that.

But now, I'd say it like this. As far as brothers go, Shawn's the best one. When he was a baby, I held him all the time. I told him stories. Recently, I taught him how to pump on a swing and how to ride a bike. We laugh together and play legos together. We go swimming and pretend we're super heros. We climb trees and make believe we're orphans that ran away and we're collecting dragon fruit. He's twelve and his name is Tim. I'm six and my name's Jeremiah because it's fun to yell. When Tim's mad he yells Jeremiah the Bullfrog! Come here. Then we sing, Jeremiah was a bullfrog du du du... He was a good friend of mine du du du... and laugh.

I'll never forget these times but I will miss them. When I'm in high school, I'll remember while I'm doing my algebra test... when I'm in collage, I'll remember when I'm sleeping in my dorm and writing a long essay. I'll remember when I'm a mom and I'm writing a memoir. I'll remember when I'm on stage singing and playing music (what I love to do) and one day, if he practices hard enough, he'll be the drummer in my band and he'll be the best in the entire world.

Shawn, you can do anything when you put your mind to it!

Love Forever!

Sky :)

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