October 12, 2009

Europe Entree 6/27/09

Yesterday we went on a train. We almost missed the fast train but we made it!

Now, we're in Futerscope!  http://uk.futuroscope.com/

Today we went to the children's section. We climbed, slid, paddled and even rode a bike on water! We also got wet in the mini water park! We spent 6 hours there and then made reservations at the future restaurant!

The whole time we were in Futerscope, we had a blast! There were amazing 4D mini movies. (They're in 3D and they move with it. So, for example, if the character on the screen sticks they're head out of a moving train, it'll blow wind and move the chair like it's happening to you!) They had an amazing water show with holograms that were ten feet tall and it looked incredibly real! It was amazing!

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