October 7, 2009


Yesterday, Mom, Annabel, Shawn and I went to Borders and Office Max and some other stores in town. I made a whole bunch of money selling an old doll house and Annabel and Shawn had been saving up for a while so we bought some stuff.

Since Annabel's obsessed with Percy Jackson and the Olympians, she got some books that are extras. One is 'The Demigod Files.' Annabel was so excited! She also bought 'Demigods and Monsters.'

Shawn had twenty dollars and was so excited so he bought a small Indiana Jones set. (I got it for my birthday and he wanted it ever since).

I bought a bulldozer and an exclusive Christmas set! It even had a lego Santa! I also wanted a robot so I made one up.

Lego Snowman

Water Fountain

A Guy I've Always Wanted

Santa and the Chimney

A Chef and a Flower Stand

Go Cart

Ice Skater


Guy and a Saw (Stay Away)

Remote Control Cars



Clean-up Guy


Bulldozer Guy

A Robot I Made Up


Annabel said...

You're quite the collector!

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Wha !!! Nice ! Lego was one of my favorite play when I was a child !! Thanks for sharing