October 1, 2009

Europe Entree 6/17/09

Today we went to a park. But it wasn't just any park, it was a French park and you never know what to expect in Paris. We thought it was going to be a carnival but it was better!!! It had bouncy seesaws, slides, a sandpit, a huge rope jungle gym, and coolest of all, a plastic swing that went around on a track! Plus, there was an old merry-go-round but there was a game too! You went around with a medal stick in your hand and tried to collect key-like things on the stick. There was no prize, and you didn't get to keep the keys, but it was still really fun! Annabel got 4 keys, Shawn got 7 and I got 12.

This is the best vacation ever!

P.S. We got in trouble today. :(

This is a ticket of a sightseeing boat we went on

This is a ticket of a Monet Museum

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