October 12, 2009

Europe Entree 6/22/09

We went to Dordogne. We took a train. It took three hours and we played DS the whole time! The train was going 200 mph and it was going past some of the most beautiful country in the world!

Now we're staying in a beautiful house by the countryside. It has a freezing cold pool :( and an old swing-set. :)

After the train two days ago, we took a two hour car ride and we played DS some more. Then we took a break to see a 1,000 year old castle up on a hill!

There are so many interesting things here. The first night we went to a restaurant and ate some of the best food ever!

Last night was Father's day and I babysat so Mom and Dad could go out. We also went swimming earlier and played badminton with our new set! The birdies don't work so we used ping-pong balls instead.

That night we played DS because the only movie in English (Garfield 2) we'd watched earlier. I beat the hard Mario levels on New Super Mario Bros. Now I only have to beat the big green castle and I win!

Later that night...

I beat Mario!!!! :)

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